3 high-risk, high-reward players Knicks could draft at No. 11

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The New York Knicks are hoping to hit the jackpot in the upcoming 2022 NBA Draft. With the Knicks holding the 11th pick, they’re going to have plenty of options with some high-potential prospects. There is an abundance of directions that New York could go in.

This is still a young team looking to figure out how to take another step forward this offseason. While there has been plenty going around about potential trades and free agents, the team-building starts through the draft, and the Knicks have a chance to add a valuable piece to the puzzle.

Which 2022 NBA Draft prospects are the Knicks looking at?

It’s really hard to tell what’s a smokescreen and what is valid in the weeks leading up to the draft. Already, we’ve had rumors run rampant about New York potentially trading up in the draft and having eyes on surefire top 5 prospect Jaden Ivey.

No one can bank on a trade happening. Outside of the almost-consensus top four prospects in the draft, there are a lot of varying opinions on how the rest of the lottery picks will shake out. There’s a pretty wide variety of players ranging in age, NBA readiness, and even nationality who could all be selected around pick 11.

The Knicks might be looking to take a big swing at 11. They have a lot of young talent already on the roster that can fill particular roles and niches, but not a lot of go-to scorers (not yet, at least). For this draft, they may opt to gamble on more athletic players who bring a lower floor but carry sky-high potential. Who are some of the prospects that fit that bill?

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