Tracy McGrady reveals key to RJ Barrett’s continued success with Knicks

Former New York Knick Tracy McGrady seems to be all over the media lately and I can’t say that I am tired of hearing him speak on the Knicks because he provides valuable insight. There are going to be some fans who think his opinion does not matter, but the same can be said about their opinion.

McGrady’s opinion may not hold any weight in the eyes of some fans, but his thoughts should not be swept under the rug since he was once a Knick himself.

He knows the pressure that comes along with playing at Madison Square Garden and how closely the media watches the players. And he alluded to that in his recent interview on the Bad Weathers Fan podcast while talking about RJ Barrett.

Tracy McGrady believes Knicks’ RJ Barrett needs to be more consistent

Barrett has shown improvements in his game since being drafted by New York in 2019. In his third season with the team, he averaged 20 points, 5.8 rebounds, and 3 assists.

He scored a career-high 46 points on 54.5% shooting from three (6-of-11) in a loss to the Miami Heat on Feb. 25. In 2021-22, he scored 30+ points on 11 different occasions.

In McGrady’s interview, he touched on Barrett’s growth in his first three years in the league.

“He’s playing in New York and we know what type of media attention he’s gonna get playing there, being drafted as high. To me, I think he’s proven everybody wrong, because the kid is getting better every single year. I mean that’s all you can ask for, for him to just continuously get better. Every year bring something different to the table, and he’s adding different things.”

He also emphasized the need for Barrett to remain consistent as he prepares for his fourth season.

“He had some really big games this past season, which I think they should appreciate. Hopefully, he can come back and add something more but be consistent now, from this point on. It’s time ….. this is the time of year RJ Barrett has to be consistent every single night, putting up those certain types of numbers and playing and having an impact on the game every single night.”

McGrady hit the nail on the head because consistency is important. Knicks fans have gotten their hopes up many times after watching a player have a stretch of games where they look like they could be the answer to all of New York’s problems, but sooner or later that player has turned into a disappointment.

On the other hand, Barrett has shown improvement and it is doubtful that he will fall off the same way others have. If he continues to work on his game and can remain “consistent” it is likely he will become an All-Star and rack up multiple accolades throughout his career.