Jalen Brunson and Obi Toppin’s connection in workout video will excite Knicks fans

The New York Knicks will begin the 2022-23 season in two months against the Memphis Grizzlies on Oct. 19, but fans have already gotten to see Jalen Brunson take the court with two of his newest teammates, Obi Toppin and Julius Randle, in a Pro-Am game in The Bronx last week.

Chris Brickley left his director of player development role with the Knicks in 2017 and is now a trainer. On Wednesday, Brickley shared a video that featured some exciting clips of Brunson and Toppin running the floor together.

Toppin finished the 2021-22 season on a strong note, which has only made fans push harder for a Randle trade. By the looks of the clip above, Brunson and Toppin are already establishing a special connection that will electrify Madison Square Garden. However, the thing is that barring any trades, Toppin’s going to continue to be limited by Randle.

Nonetheless, that shouldn’t prevent fans from being excited about the potential of the duo that is Jalen Brunson and Obi Toppin. New York finally has a true point guard that will make everyone around him better, and that’s already evident in Toppin’s case.

Knicks’ Jalen Brunson and Obi Toppin are establishing a special connection

If there’s one prediction that can be made from that video, it’s that Brunson’s court vision is going to result in quite a few Obi dunks. Toppin running out in transition is a special part of his game, but his efforts are going to be further highlighted by Brunson pushing the ball to him.

Reportedly, New York’s willing to give up Toppin in a possible Donovan Mitchell deal. The Utah Jazz are reportedly interested in acquiring young talent in exchange for the guard. Randle doesn’t fit that description, but Toppin does.

If both Toppin and Randle are still on the Knicks’ roster on opening night, it’ll be interesting to see how Tom Thibodeau finds a way to get Toppin more minutes on the floor, although all fans should know by now to not get their hopes up. However, that’s perhaps exactly what the video shared by Brickley has done.

As we’ve entered the quieter part of the offseason, watching Brunson and Toppin play together has been a good source of entertainment. Hopefully, time will pass a little quicker because getting to see Brunson create opportunities for his teammates will be a welcome change in New York. Bring it on.