Believe it or not, but Knicks’ RJ Barrett is good at basketball

The New York Knicks may not have won the 2019 NBA Draft Lottery, but they sure did get a nice consolation prize. I think the majority of Knicks fans would agree with that statement, yet the broader NBA media continues to devalue RJ Barrett. Why?

Is it because it’s the Knicks? Is it Barrett himself? Where does the disrespect come from?

These are all valid questions when considering Barrett plays in the media capital of the WORLD and still does not get national recognition like Tyler Herro or Jordan Poole.

In case you don’t know, Knicks’ RJ Barrett is good at basketball

Now, is RJ a number one option? No way. Does he need to improve in certain aspects of his game like free throw shooting and overall consistency? Absolutely. But that should not wipe away what he has accomplished so far in his young NBA career. The way in which people put a lid on his ability and potential is insanity.

In fact, Barrett is coming off a season averaging 20 points per game playing behind ball-dominant Julius Randle on a team that underachieved all year. That’s pretty impressive if you ask me.

Just take a look at this tweet from CBS Sports which shows the most points scored from the 2019 NBA Draft Class thus far.

RJ BARRETT IS SECOND IN THE CLASS IN SCORING, but yet people will argue Tyler Herro, Darius Garland, and Jordan Poole are better. And to those people, I simply say… cry.

Now, Ja Morant is simply on another level and frankly, I am not sure Barrett will ever be the player Morant is…. but that’s it, he’s the only one. I would even rather have RJ Barrett over his former college teammate Zion Williamson, that is until he proves me wrong by actually being available on the court.

So, I propose the question, if there was a 2019 re-draft, why would anyone put RJ Barrett below the number two pick?

I’ll take Barrett’s 198 games played versus Zion’s 85 every day of the week, and everyone else in that class simply does not have the basketball talent and ability to compare.

Barrett is going to need a new contract and I fully believe that the Knicks will work out a deal regardless of what the numbers might be. With the addition of Jalen Brunson and POSSIBLY Donovan Mitchell, look out to the RJ Barrett haters.