3 things Knicks fans should love about 2022-23 NBA schedule

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On Wednesday, the New York Knicks released their 2022-23 regular season schedule alongside the rest of the NBA. The fans have something to be excited about in the month of August now that the Knicks schedule has been released.

The Knicks will open up their regular season on the road on Oct. 19 against the Memphis Grizzlies at 7:30 p.m. on ESPN.

Two days later, New York will return home to play the Detroit Pistons for the team’s home opener.

3 things in particular that Knicks fans should love about the 2022-23 regular season schedule

There is a great deal to be excited about heading into this season. Between the new faces on the team or seeing how much some players have improved from last season, fans have a great deal of optimism heading into the new year.

Even though the season is still several weeks away, it’s nice to see what all the Knicks will face in the upcoming season.

New York’s schedule has been laid out in an intriguing format, which could benefit the team in the long run of the season. This includes playing Eastern Conference teams such as Milwaukee, Chicago, Orlando, and Detroit just three times this season.

Each season there are exceptions in each team’s schedule so that the NBA doesn’t go over their 82-game schedule, with the four teams listed above being the exceptions for the Knicks this year.

With that being said, let’s go over three things that fans should love about New York’s 2022-23 schedule.

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