New York Knicks: What should Scott Perry do about logjam at guard?

With the NBA Draft Lottery and Combine now over, New York Knicks general Scott Perry has a logjam to evaluate at the two guard positions.

The New York Knicks will be picking ninth overall in the 2018 NBA Draft, and many questions are beginning to surface surrounding who they should target. While there is a dire need for some scoring help on the wings, there are valuable guard prospects that the Knicks should be considering as well.

Highly-talented prospects such as Trae Young and Collin Sexton could be available for the Knicks at No. 9 overall.

General manager Scott Perry has already indicated to Knicks fans that he intends to draft the best player available. What will happen to the other point guards on the roster if the Knicks choose to add another young guard to the mix?

Currently, the team is log-jammed in the backcourt with players like Trey Burke, who was a surprising mid-season pickup, Emmanual Mudiay, who was a former top-10 pick in the 2015 NBA Draft, and the Knicks’ 2017 first-round draft pick: Frank Ntilikina.

With roster moves bound to take place, it seems unlikely that all three will remain on the roster throughout next season.

Due to Ntilikina’s length, basketball IQ, and defensive potential, it would be a major mistake to get rid of him after only his rookie season. Thankfully, it seems unlikely that he’ll be going anywhere.

According to Marc Berman of The New York Post, recently hired Knicks coach David Fizdale is taking both Ntilikina and Emmanual Mudiay to Boston for Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals.

Fizdale’s willingness to build a strong relationship with these two young point guards indicates that he’s set on keeping them on the 2018-19 roster.

However, passing up on a player like Young, who flashed dynamic playmaking ability for the Sooners last season, might also be a regrettable move. In contrast to popular opinion, adding a player like Young and shifting Ntilikina to a 2-guard role could prove to be the most optimal strategy for the New York Knicks.

For Mudiay, he can settle himself in as a solid backup option and a valuable piece to the team’s second unit.

On top of the many other questions surrounding this organization, figuring out a plan to optimize the backcourt’s production for next season should be at the top of Sccott Perry’s list of priorities.