Would it be worthwhile for Knicks to trade for Dejounte Murray?

As the 2022 NBA offseason nears, the New York Knicks continue their search in finding a solid point guard to fit their needs. There have been rumors escalating about players that will be on the move in the next couple of weeks. One name that continues to be entertained in potential trades is Dejounte Murray of the San Antonio Spurs.

Murray had a career year this past season, averaging 21.1 points, 9.2 assists, and 8.3 rebounds, all career highs as he was named to the 2022 NBA All-Star game. Murray also placed second to Ja Morant in Most Improved Player voting.

The Spurs have been asking for three first-round picks in exchange for the NBA’s steals leader this past season. The Knicks have been exploring different options at the point guard position and acquiring Murray could be an enticing option.

Should the New York Knicks go after point guard Dejounte Murray?

The Knicks currently have the assets to go out and get a guy like Murray after trading the 11th overall pick in the 2022 NBA Draft for multiple first-round picks in 2023 and beyond.

And with Murray under contract for the next two seasons with around $34 million remaining on his contract, this is a relatively team-friendly contract that would give New York additional cap space after potentially making a trade for Murray.

Having a playmaker and scorer at will in Murray would open the floor for the Knicks and would ease the pressure off RJ Barrett and Julius Randle. In fact, Murray’s playmaking ability would generate easier baskets for the two stars in New York.

While there are many upsides to bringing in a guy like Murray, he brings downsides as well. During his five-year career, Murray is shooting 33% from downtown, a mark that is a little concerning for a player of his caliber.

During the 2021-22 season, the Knicks ranked in the middle of the pack in 3-point percentage at 13th, a mark they’d like to improve in next season, having ranked fourth in the league during the 2020-21 season.

In recent years, New York has been attempting and making more threes than ever, so adding an All-Star player who is a streaky shooter at best could result in more problems than solutions for the Knicks.

Nonetheless, Murray is a dangerous player and can create opportunities for the rest of the team. By creating looks through drive and kicks, Murray shouldn’t have to worry about knocking down open 3-point looks.

A point of emphasis for Murray is running the fast break, something that New York did not thrive in last season, and adding him to the roster could help improve that mark.

With his high volume of scoring, Murray could help form a big three in New York between Randle, Barrett, and himself, should they put all the pieces together.

I’d say it’s worthwhile to pick up a guy like Murray who can make plays, score, and defend. The only thing that stands between the Knicks and Murray is the competitive market that the young guard has.

As it stands, one of New York’s rivals, the Atlanta Hawks, have been in talks with the Spurs about acquiring the 25-year-old guard.

While this may dishearten some fans, a deal has not been made just yet. Multiple teams are still in the running for Murray as the Spurs have increased his asking price.

San Antonio’s now looking for either three first-rounders and a desirable young player or four first-rounders.

There are several uncertainties heading into free agency, but as the days go by, there shall be more answers to the questions that have been circulating throughout the league the last couple of weeks.

Free agency opens on June 30th at 6 p.m. when players will be able to negotiate with teams. However, contracts will not be able to be signed until July 6th at 12:01 p.m.

The Knicks will find their next point guard – whether that’s Jalen Brunson, Murray, or another guard in the coming days.