A look at the Knicks’ nationally televised games on 2022-23 NBA regular season schedule

It’s official — the New York Knicks will play their first game of the 2022-23 season on Oct. 19 at Memphis at 7:30 p.m. ET on ESPN. Their season opener will be the first of 16 nationally televised games (including NBATV).

The reigning NBA champions will play the most nationally televised games at 42 with the Los Angeles Lakers falling right behind them at 39.

In 2021-22, New York had 29 nationally televised games, so the number of nationally televised games for 2022-23 was nearly cut in half. The Knicks’ 37-45 finish to last season likely played a role in that decision, but New York should be better television this season, especially if a Donovan Mitchell trade happens.

Which Knicks games will be nationally televised in 2022-23?

Here’s a look at the 16 Knicks games that will be televised in 2022-23:

  • Oct. 19: Knicks at Grizzlies (ESPN)
  • Oct. 24: Knicks vs. Magic (NBATV)
  • Nov. 5: Knicks vs. Celtics (NBATV)
  • Nov. 9: Knicks at Nets (ESPN)
  • Nov. 15: Knicks at Jazz (TNT)
  • Nov. 18: Knicks at Warriors (ESPN)
  • Dec. 7: Knicks vs. Hawks (ESPN)
  • Dec. 14: Knicks at Bulls (ESPN)
  • Dec. 20: Knicks vs. Warriors (TNT)
  • Dec. 25: Knicks vs. Sixers (ESPN)
  • Jan. 28: Knicks at Nets (ABC)
  • Jan. 31: Knicks vs. Lakers (TNT)
  • Feb. 5: Knicks vs. Sixers (ESPN)
  • Mar. 5: Knicks at Celtics (ESPN)
  • Mar. 12: Knicks at Lakers (ESPN)
  • Mar. 23: Knicks at Magic (NBATV)

That makes nine ESPN games, three NBATV games, three TNT games, and one ABC game. The Knicks will face the Magic, Celtics, Nets, Warriors, Sixers, and Lakers twice on national television.

One nationally televised game in particular sticks out. On Nov. 15, New York will travel to Utah for a game that will be televised on TNT. Outside of the Jazz’s three NBATV games, their only other nationally televised game will be against the Knicks. Now, why might that be? You know the answer to that. It seems as if the NBA is banking on a trade taking place.

We’re nearing the home stretch of the offseason with training camp taking place at the end of next month. It won’t be too much longer until the Knicks face Ja Morant and the Grizzlies to kick off the 2022-23 season. While we’re waiting for Oct. 19, let’s get a Donovan Mitchell trade done, please.