RJ Barrett workout video sparks excitement from Knicks fans

The New York Knicks (as always) have had to deal with a lot of noise this offseason. For some reason, the Knicks seem to attract a lot of spotlight in the summer. Whether it be trade rumors, draft selections, free agency signings, or even tampering investigations, the team can routinely expect a lot of noise and headlines in the summer months. But one thing, or more accurately one person, that has remained relatively quiet up to this point is RJ Barrett.

We got to see most of the young players in Summer League and we saw Obi Toppin, Julius Randle, Immanuel Quickley, and even Jalen Brunson playing in Pro-Am games.

But RJ Barrett has been relatively quiet this offseason. We haven’t even gotten to see him play with Team Canada this summer, but that’s largely because of him not having signed his contract extension. However, the RJ news drought did end when a short video of Barrett doing workout drills on the court was posted on Instagram.

RJ Barrett’s workout video sparks excitement from Knicks fans

The video shows Barrett showing off his bounce with a couple of dunks, including a 360 dunk. While some fans were vocal with their requests to see RJ doing more “skill” oriented drills, it is important to note that the video was relatively short and he was already drenched in sweat.

He was likely working on many other things in that session alone, as well as the rest of the offseason. Something that many fans were excited about, however, and probably the most interesting takeaway from the video, was RJ Barrett’s build. Many fans pointed out that in the video his frame looks a lot bigger, his shoulders look wider, and there seems to be more mass on his arms.

This has fans excited about Barrett’s upcoming season. He has spent most of his time playing at the small forward position instead of the shooting guard spot like he did in college. Being listed at 6’6”, he lacks the height to contend physically with some of the larger forwards of the game. Adding on a few pounds could help him compete with them using his already significant strength as well as absorbing contact around the rim for and-1 plays.

Whether or not this all proves to be true and helps RJ Barrett next season, one thing is for sure, Knicks fans will always love seeing him work on his game.