Knicks Rumors: New York hopes Trae Young will be available

The New York Knicks will select the best player available at the 2018 NBA Draft. New York appears hopeful that it will be Trae Young who’s still on the board.

The New York Knicks have entered the 2018 NBA Draft process with a clear vision. There’s a general belief that the Knicks should target the small forward and center positions, but general manager Scott Perry has a different goal in mind.

With the No. 9 and No. 37 overall selections in the 2018 NBA Draft, the Knicks will take the best player available—regardless of position.

It’s a surprising revelation, but the Knicks have an extensive list of prospects to consider this coming June. That includes wings such as Mikal Bridges out of Villanova and Kevin Knox out of Kentucky, and centers Wendell Carter Jr. out of Duke and Jaren Jackson Jr. out of Michigan State.

According to Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer, the Knicks are high on a player at a different position: Oklahoma Sooners point guard Trae Young.

Multiple league sources told me that the Knicks have the hots for the Oklahoma point guard, so the interest is mutual.

New York has no shortage of options in the 2018 NBA Draft, but Young is widely regarded as one of the most dynamic players in this class.

Young measured in an underwhelming manner at the Combine, checking in at just under 6’2″ in shoes with a 6’3″ wingspan. Nevertheless, his offensive skill set is advanced for his age and a perfect fit for the modern era.

Young’s shooting ability has been compared to that of Stephen Curry in the sense that he can convert the three-ball from just about everywhere on the court.

What separates Young from many of the other point guards in this class, however, is that his court vision is nothing short of elite.

Young will need to cut down on some of the chances he takes, thus limiting the turnovers he commits. He can see a play develop before it does, however, and has the raw passing ability to fit the ball between even the tightest of angles.

For the Knicks, adding a playmaking point guard who can facilitate the offense, score in isolation, or work without the ball would be of critical importance.

With Trae Young at point guard, the New York Knicks could simplify the game for every player on the roster—namely Kristaps Porzingis.