Defending Knicks’ front office decisions in 2022 NBA Draft

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Let me start by examining your point of view as you begin to read this article: You are irate with the New York Knicks and Leon Rose for their moves on draft night and the very principle of this article being about defending that night makes you that much more agitated.

You have been scrolling through your social media to dramatic videos of Knicks’ famous fair weather fans, like Stephen A. Smith and Spike Lee, collapsing on the floor and begging for a “savior.”

Your friends have been at you nonstop and clowning you for another New York blunder, something sure to set the desolate franchise back another decade.

You are reasonably upset because while every other team is celebrating their new draft pick, you were left confused, upset, and the butt of every joke in the NBA world right now. Your team was forced to post a public explanation, defending their actions.

You are tired of feeling like a hopeless mockery.

Well, get ready to raise those pitchforks in unison, because I am here to tell you that the Knicks did great on draft night and this front office knows exactly what they are doing. Before you hastily react and race to my Twitter mentions, please, let me elaborate further!

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